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Chapter 1, Section 3, Comprehension 3-5 Why did many Christians call for Church reform? The Church had become increasingly caught up in worldly affairs. And many Popes competed with princes for political power. The church needed money to finance the many stculptures that were hired to beautify the church. So soon the Churches charged for indulgences that were once only earned by going to the crusades. The church began to sell Gods forgiveness, an idea that was corrupted and therefore had to be change.

How did Martin Luther's ideas differ from those expressed by the Catholic Church? Luther tried to live a holy life but he felt he would be doomed to eternal damnation. He saw that selling Gods forgiveness was absolute corruption. He argued that indulgences had no basis in the bible and that no one had the power to release a soul from purgatory. When Charles the fifth became the new Holy Roman Emperor, Charles made it a crime to feed or give Luther shelter.

Why did Luther gain widespread support? When Luther was in hiding at a castle in Wartburg people throughout Germany accepted his teachings and rejected the Popes' authority. The people were now ready to rebel the authority of the church, because they have found a fearless leader, Martin Luther.

Identify the five ideas taught by John Calvin? John Calvin provided advice on how to run a Protestant church. He believed that ones salvation was only achieved through faith. Calvin had five ideas that became his main teachings. He preached predestination the idea that God had long ago determined who would gain salvation, and that the world was divided into two kinds of people, saints and sinners. Calvin stressed hard work, discipline, thrifty, honesty, and morality, and also felt that girls could get an...

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