At a certain point of most anyone’s life, there comes

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At a certain point of most anyone's life, there comes a time when you will want to end it all by jumping off of a building. Certain situations in your life could bring about this seemingly rash and thoughtless decision. There are many factors that must be decided upon when you are considering entering the great beyond. Time of day, weather, and location are all important factors. As you will soon see, jumping off of a building can be a fun, cost-effective, and interesting way to shed off this mortal coil.

The time of day is important for the perfect public suicide for many reasons. You want to jump when there will be a large amount of people out and about, to make the most psychologically piercing social statement possible. The more people who see, the more people who will remember you after you're dead for the rest of their lives.

You might want to wait till the late afternoon as well, there might be more shade then. Morning is all around bad, because people are groggy, will accept your death more readily, and there aren't that many people out anyway.

The weather can either make or break your leap for peace. Storms are never a good time. You may feel even more depressed during the storm, but its worth it to wait for clearer skies. You might slip on the edge of the building, people won't be looking up, and it's just not very comfortable outside when it's raining. You also don't want to go when the sun is shining so radiantly. The glare will most definitely block you from their unsuspecting eyes. The best weather to jump in would be on a light foggy afternoon, maybe a brisk wind blowing, something already making a gloomy scene.

The location of the building is possibly the most important factor of all. You need to find one of the tallest buildings in town, with a central location, where you know there will be large groups of people, such as: New York City, Dallas, Orlando, Las Vegas, or Washington DC. As a rule of thumb, you should jump off of something higher than five stories. You don't want to jump off of something too low, whereas you might survive the fall, and then it would just be a waste. I would prefer jumping head first off of the top of Rockefeller Center during one of the special editions of TRL, and would aim for the girls with the giant B2K sign, but that's just me.

All in all, suicide is a very monumental and important decision for anyone to make. It is a decision that should be taken without haste, and with care, and precision. The thoughts of family members and mail workers should be taken into account, as not to screw up daily routines. Also, make sure that you are well dressed, possibly in a nice suit, rented of course, and you may want to add a suicide note in the pocket. When you are satisfied with your decision to jump, make sure to use caution, be careful, and always have fun.

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