Censorship In Society

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Censorship in Society

Censorship is defined as the action of stopping the transmission or publication of anything objectionable. (Merriam Webster New American Dictionary) Censorship in society has gone rampant in everything from music, to movies, even to books and the radio. There is some validity to an extent that some music and entertainment is objectionable for young children, it seems unacceptable to keep information form people who would benefit or at least deserve to know about it, "A censor is a man who knows more than he thinks you ought to." (Granville Hicks, American writer (1901-1982))

What person should have the right to limit another persons constitutional right to freedom of speech by deciding what they can and cannot say? Censorship is just another way that people are becoming more small minded and more ignorant to the problems that are really out there because they aren't being told the whole story, censorship is irresponsibility fueled by fear, the F.C.C.

censors music and what can be said on television, and any other form of communication including radio and even the internet, but what gives them the right to withhold what a person really said, isn't this a violation of the first amendment? It seems more like a parents responsibility to make sure they monitor what they're children are watching more so than the government, that is why they call it parenthood after all, ratings rather than censorship seems more appropriate that way the parents can decide what they're children are watching and the artist can still express him/herself in their own way. Children can't be responsible for what they watch, and the government can't control an American citizen's right to know what's going on in the world, so the parents need to step up and protect their children with child approved...

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