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All through history, music censors have attacked controversial lyrics and have blamed the music for the basis of societies problems. This act of censoring music is most definitely not recent. Records date back for years, in 1957 when Elvis Presley was performing on the Ed Sullivan Show, the camera men were forced by the host to only film Elvis from the waist up to avoid offending sexually sensitive viewers (because of the rotating motions of his pelvis). Although many views are not as strict as in 1957, music censorship is becoming more of a concern among parents of young children. According to the Boston Globe, Wal-Mart has decided not to "carry record albums with parental advisory stickers and will even ask artists to change what they perceive to be objectionable lyrics and CD covers" (Morse c13). I can't believe Wal-Mart has the audacity to treat music artists like this. These are just two of the thousands upon thousands of music censoring acts that have been carried out over the years.

Until recently, when I heard the song "Lets Get It Started" by "Black Eyed Peas" I had no idea that originally the songs title was "Lets Get Retarded". I am sure that there are hundreds of songs just like this that have been censored without me knowing. The government is trying harder and harder to keep children from seeing and hearing the "bad" things that are going on in the world but in actuality all they are doing is stealing the artist's passion that they have put into their songs. By doing this, the government is technically neglecting the 1st amendment, which gives the freedom of religion, press, and expression to all.

Today's warning labels are used to alert buyers about the content of the cd, but for some reason...

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