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This essay is going to examine the controversial phenomenon of censorship. More specific, nowadays, there is much controversy over whether censorship should or should not be imposed on shows, CDs and books.

In order to analyze the phenomenon it is absolutely necessary to define the term "censorship". By this term is meant to be the examination and blocking of communication media that contain "injurious" content.

As regards, the latter, these are people that vote against it and others that vote for it. Each side advances its arguments. In the first category, people argue that censorship works as tool in the protection of society. According to them, people are affected in terms of doing the same they see, read or hear. The above affects especially the youth.

Carried out studies have pointed out that television violence for example causes children to be violent and aggressive. Futhermore according to the voters of censorship, the inappropriate content of same communication media does not only affect the child's youth, but his or her adulthood as well.

It can force the child into a premature maturity. A ten years old child, having easy access to sexual material for example, enters the adult world much faster than normal. In other words, such content can speed up the children's innocence loss. As a result, those that vote for censorship argue that through it, children's mind is protected (the future of each society), and therefore society is protected.

There is though and the other side of the coin, of those that vote against censorship. According to them censorship violates the right to freedom of speech. All human beings should by constitution have the right to talk and publish freely their beliefs. Censorship would only ban this right. Such people also argue that restricting movies, CDs or books is...

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