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World War Ⅱ occurred on September 1939.This war had many causes and two of them were the Munich Agreement and Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia. The Munich Agreement was made in September 1938 but Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union couldn't say anything about this agreement. This agreement said Hitler could get Sudetenland because he promised it was the last territory which Germany wanted, but actually it was a lie. Of course Hitler betrayed this agreement and in Munich 1939, Hitler got Czechoslovakia as German occupation. This was why Britain's policy which against Germany was broken because Bohemia and Moravia combined and they became client states. I want to compare these two causes with three situations which affected WWⅡ.

Firstly, what was the reaction from other countries to these causes? The war is relation between some countries and other countries, so knowing this reaction connects the WWⅡ. After four countries made the Munich Agreement, Stalin who was the leader of Soviet couldn't trust Britain and France at all.

From 1935,Stalin had doubted Britain because of the treaty between Britain and Germany, so the Munich Agreement was fatal to keep the faith. How about Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia? At that time, Britain's policy which against Germany wasn't strict because they were the Conservative Party. And then, Britain was kind of liked Hitler more than Soviet because Soviet was Communist. Such as Spain had the civil strife, Britain didn't interfere anything. I can say both causes had same direction and showed how Britain made many sources to lose faith from Soviet.

Secondly, which causes made Germany stronger? I think this idea is really important because the WWⅡ was begun with invading Poland from German and the strength of German relates to beginning of WWⅡ.The Munich Agreement was starting area to invade Czechoslovakia,

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