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Cat Among the Pigeons Agatha Christie Knowledge There are many characters in this story that are very important to the storyline. The first character that was introduced was Mrs. Bulstode. She is the head mistress of the prestiges private school Meadowbank. Then there is Ms. Chadwick. She has been at the school since the beginning with Mrs. Bulstrode. Mrs. Bulstrode considers her her faithful friend. Ms. Vansittart is also a teacher at Meadowbank. She is expected to take over for Mrs. Bulstrode when she retires. Madmoiselle Blanche is the French teacher at Meadowbank. She is new to the school this term. Also new this term is Ms. Rich. She teaches English and geography. Ann Shapland works at the school as Mrs. Bulstrode's secretary. Jennifer Sutcliffe is a yong girl who is attending Meadowbank come start the summer term. Julia Upjohn attends the school also. Her and Jennifer become best friends.

There are also characters outside of Meadowbank that also have an effect on the story. Prince Ali Yusuf is the prince and leader of Ramat, a middle eastern country.

Bob Rawlinson is his trusted friend, and pilot. He is also Jennifer Sutcliffe's ungle. Because of this relation everything that happens in Ramat is connected to Meadowbank. Bob, Jennifer and her mother are all staying in Ramat together at the same time.

At the end of the story the murderer is discovered by Hercule Poirot, and inspector Kelsey. The murderer is found to be Ann Shapland Mrs. Bulstrode's secretary. While in Ramat Bob Rawlinson receives special jewels from Prince Ali Yusuf. He tells Bob that they must be taken out of the country as soon as possible. Not knowing what to do he goes to his sister's hotel room (Mrs. Sutcliffe) to put them in her belongings with out her knowing. This way she could take them out of the country and no one would know where they were. The lady in the room next door saw what was going on in Mrs. Sutcliffe's room. She went over to the room after he left to investigate further. She did not have enough time to take anything, but she did have time to figure out where they were hidden. Bob had hid them in the handle of Jennifer's tennis racket, the same one she takes to Meadowbank. The lady is Ann Shapland, who is under a different name while she is in Ramat. That is how the murders get connected to Meadowbank.

Comprehension At the end of the book Ann Shapland is caught by the authorities, and the jewels are taken to their right full owner. This person is a lady that Prince Ali Yusuf fell in love with while he was in England, but could not stay with this person because of his status in Ramat. They also had a child together that he never knew about. If I could continue the story I would like to write about what the lady did with the jewels. I would also continue the story to show what happened to Ann Shapland.

Major Events · The main characters are introduced.

· Ali Yusuf gives Bob Rawlinson the jewels · Bob hides the jewels with his sister in his niece's tennis racket · The revolution happens in Ramat and the Prince his forced to leave at once with Bob as his pilot · They fly out the night of the rebellion. They do not make it and their plane crashes. They both die.

· Jennifer arrives at Meadowbank for the summer term · A couple weeks into the term thr first murder is committed · It is Ms. Springer who is murdered in the sports pavilion.

· This starts a lot of commotion and Inspector Kelsey and Hercule Piorot are hired to solve the mystery · Shaista, the princess and cousin of Prince Ali Yusuf if kidnapped · Then there is a second murder, this time it is Ms. Vansittart, also in the sports pavilion.

· The third murder happens a couple days after this one and this time it is Madmioselle Blanche.

· At the end the murderer is found.

Many of the characters were confused and scared about the sequnce of events that happened at Meadowbank. Many of the parents who had girls attending the school were very frightened of all this and immediately removed their daughters. Mrs. Sutcliffe pulled Jennifer out and brought her home. Jennifer and Julia found it quiet exciting that all these things were happening at their school. Mrs. Bulstrode and Ms. Chadwick feared what might happen to the school when everyone found out that all of this was happening. Mrs. Bulstrode kept her head up strong and never doubted that they would bonce right back. This helped Ms. Chadwick who is in quiet a nervous state.

The main problem in this story was trying to solve the mysteries of the murders. There was the problem with the jewels. One of the tricky parts was how the figured out that Ann Shapland did it. She had a perfectly good alibi for when the second murder happened. She was not in town that day. This is because she did not committed the second murder. That was done by Ms. Chadwick. Ms. Chadwick was up late that night not able to sleep because of all the previous events that had happened the past few days. She looked out a window to see a light on in the sports pavilion. She went out to investigate and grabbed a golf club on the way just in case she would need to pertect herself. When she got to the sports pavilion Ms. Vanisttart was there and not knowing who it was she hit her on the head with the golf club. Ms. Vanisstart was out by the sports pavilion because she was going through Shaita's things trying to find any clue why the girl was missing. It was a total accident for Ms. Vanisstart to die. The jewels were what started the whole thing in the first place. The jewels were the main problem.

Application The book deals with murder mystery at a private girls highschool. That would be kind of scary if that happened at my school. I don't think it would be as such a scandel if it happened at my school. It was this way at Meadowbank because it was such a school of great honor and prestige. That is why it was such a surprise that something like this would happen. This is why this is a hard story to relate to my life.

If I was a girl attending Meadowbank I would try to figure out why the murderers were happening in the story. If I were Jennifer Sutcliffe and this was happening to me I would look over everything that happened from Meadowbank to Ramat. One thing has to lead to another.

Evaluation I thought the ending of this book was very well written. It had a twist and intrigue so that is was always interesting to read. They caught the murderer and justice was served. Finding out who the murderer is just completes this story, it gives you a sense of relief. I also liked how Christie wrote in what happened with the jewels, it would not have been the same if you did not find out where they went. I also liked where they went. The fact that it went to the Prince's lover and their child was quiet a good ending. . along with the story the end was written great.

The whole book in itself was interesting, but my favorite part is when they reveal how they solved the mystery. They figured out that Ann Shapland was staying in Ramat the same time as the Sutcliffe's, she was under a different name of Angelica De Toredo. This how Ann Shapland knew that the jewels were hidden in Jennifer's tennis racket. That was the most interesting part.

Analysis If I could rewrite the end of this book I would say that Ms. Chadwick committed the murders and was the murderer. It would make more sense to me if she was the murder because she could have been very jealous of Ms. Vanisstart. She had been with Ms. Bulstrode since the beginning and had been through all the same hardships she had endured along the way. She was much older and way more experienced for the job than Ms. Vanisstart was.The fact that Ms. Vanisstart was getting to take over and not her could make her very jealous and lead her to murder.

To compare the book with another I have read I am going to compare it with another book by Agatha Christie. The book is And Then There Were None. In this book there are many characters just like this book but it is a lot less complicated. In Cat Among the Pigeons the book jumps around a lot between Meadowbank and the events that happened at Ramat. This does not occure in None. Both of these books are murder mysteries.

The one character that I would pick would be Mrs. Bulstrode. She is like me because she is very head strong and does not let little things get to her. She is a very good leader and is always fair in everything she does. She is not perfect and she does not expect people to be perfect.

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