Caste System In Hinduism

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Caste System in Hinduism The caste system is a part of many Hindus belief and religion, and is thought highly upon. The caste system divides people into four different castes, or Varna. They seem to be associated with level of high archy which go in the following order; Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra. Also, the "untouchables" is considered to be the fifth part of the caste but is often left out. The caste system is a very abstract concept for many people to understand because of its concept on how people should live and be perceived in their life. The caste system in India forms the basis for an unjust, but a manageable division of labour.

The caste system in unjust for the reason that it is very discriminative and racist. People should not be treated differently depending on the caste that they are in. They should be treated depending on the type of person that they are.

There are good and bad people in every caste, and you can not treat the bad people in one caste different for the bad people in another caste. The ideal world is where everyone is treated equality, and when people don't discriminate. If there have to be castes in the world, they should be based on the goodness of the person, not on who they come from, for they have no control over that. Dalits are "untouchables" just because they were born a Dalit. It is showing that Dailts are not as respected or as "good"as other people which is a very racist statement. The "untouchables" are not allowed to do many of the things that the other people in the other castes do, such as drinking form the same well, and living in the same part of town. They...

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