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Wouldn't it be incredible to say you run one of these large hotel-casinos that you see above and to the right. That is one of my biggest dreams in life. Your job title for running a hotel-casion is called a hotel manager, how original. Hotel managers direct activities in the day-to-day process of their business. This includes activities like the registration, restraunts, room service, house keeping, casino observing, and organizing perchase orders. They are also responsibly for managing all room rates, adverticing and publicity. Handling any major problems or conserns in the hotel-casino is an everyday duty. Depending on the size of the hotel, they sometimes assign hotel-managers to different departments of the hotel-casino, but there is one head chief of the entire hotel casino.

The basic training and education for becoming a hotel-casion manager is bachelor's degree. Although many hotels look for people with some experiences in the fields which they will manage such as someone with experience in regestration, or in gambling or some sort.

Sometimes when being hired onto the job as manager they will hire someone in advance before the actual position is avalible. This way they can be put through training so they will know how to deal with every situation. Becoming a hotel-casino manager gives you the ablility to take the direct role in the hiring process. Work conditions are usually constantly changing from day to day. One day you can just be inspecting all over the hotel, but the next day you may be helping out in house keeping, setting up tables, or filling in where ever is needed. The job of being a hotel-casion manager is physically and mentally demanding. I think being a hotel-casino manager deals with all three, data-people-things. I may depend on the day at the...

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