A career in pediatric medicine

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A career in Pediatric Medicine

Excitement, respect, security, and mobility, these are a few of the characteristics of pediatricians. Interested? Anyway, doctors of any sort get respect, great pay, and of course the opportunity to help people. This is why I would possibly like to enter this field of pediatrics.

School is the hardest part of becoming a doctor. First off, some classes recommended in high school are; chemistry, biology, psychology, and math. After receiving your high school diploma, three years of college are required after applying to medical school. A lot of people enter medical school with a B average. In applying to medical school, remember more applicants apply then can be accepted, so academic achievements, grades, and teacher recommendations are needed and considered. After graduating medical school, three years of work experience are required, also known as residency. Afterwards an exam is given to certify the doctor to practice medicine.

Usually afterwards doctors go back to school to specialize in a certain area of medicine.

Pediatrics is among the highest earnings of occupations and has many opportunities fir advancement. During residency they earn about thirty thousand a year. Beginning doctors earn from one hundred thousand to one hundred and twenty thousand a year, while and established pediatrician earns between one hundred twenty thousand to one hundred and eighty five thousand in a private practice. On the other hand, if a doctor works for a medical group, they may only earn forty five thousand a year. Yet they receive fringe benefits, paid vacations, retirement programs, profit sharing, educational sabbaticals while being paid half of what you normally earn, and shorter hours. In private practice, there aren't any real forms of advancement, instead how many patients you have, skill, and obviously income measure advancement. Other opportunities include teaching jobs,

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