Capital Punishment is a punishment that can result as death

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Capital Punishment is a punishment that can result as death in the end. Some states allow capital punishment while other states don¡¯t. I think this act is barbaric.

People I think that commited a crime like murder should receive other form of punishment. Just because they took someones life that doenst mean we should do the same thing.

Capital punishment is an act of barbaric. It is a violent form of punishment. I disagree with Capital punishment. One reason is just because the murder took someone¡¯s life that doesn¡¯t mean we should do the same thing. Two wrongs don¡¯t make a right. The person will be better off spending his time in jail for the rest of his life thinking about what he did. They are taking a life for a life.

Another reason is if the accused person, is framed and did not do it or is accused wrongly and is put to death.

That is not fair to the innocent person and to the real criminal that gets off without any punishment. It is also a violation of human rights.

My third reason is it¡¯s just not fair. We would be doing something wrong as a society if we took another man¡¯s life because he took another innocent life. The criminal might also be innocent. I think the criminal should spend his lifetime in jail if he murdered someone. If we continued to do this I think the society will become more barbaric and put more and more people to death, even those that are innocent but wrongly convicted.

Capital Punishment is very barbaric. We should¡¯nt take someone¡¯s life just because they did the same thing that would make us more and more barbaric as a society. I think the criminal that did the crime should spend a lifetime in jail..

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