Canterbury Tales

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CANTERBURY TALES ESSAY The Canterbury Tales have many hidden views in them. The one of the common views in the "General Prologue", "The Miller's Tale", and "The Reeve's Tale" is gender roles. Chaucer's views on gender roles have changed greatly when compared to present day because the responsibilities of not only men but also women have changed. The roles back in Chaucer's time were, if someone cheated on their mate it was considered their mate's fault because they did not satisfy that someone. In present day if someone cheats on their mate that someone is at fault and looked down apon. The roles are exact opposites now because people have realized that they have to take responsibility for there actions.

The prologue vies the nun as someone that acts to provocatively for a true nun.

Nuns now are more responsible in the fact that they realize that they gave up their sex life when they joined the church.

In the "General Prologue" the nun dresses seductively and Chaucer makes a comment about her getting around. All nuns are stereotypically seen as virgins that spend there time praying. The strange thing is that no one looks down on her, no one seems to have any problem that she sleeps around. Now a days she would not be able to gain any respect from anyone because she would be seen as a slut that is a descrase to the church.

The carpenter in "The Miller's Tale" is called a "cuckold". A cuckold is someone who can't satisfy there mate so there mate is forced to cheat on them. Basically its saying that is the carpenter's fault that his wife cheated on him. Views on cheating have flipped 180 degrees when you compare Chaucer's views...

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