Canada Should Become Part Of U.S.A.?

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Canada and U.S.A., which are related to each other, are two of the biggest countries in the world. Each of them is an independent country, and also each of them has their own laws and government. However, when some people think about Canada, immediately they think about U.S.A. because both of them are just so close. Some people might think Canada is a part of U.S.A. because U.S. always tells Canadian government what to do; moreover, some people also think Canada already or will be the 51 states of U.S. Is that really true that Canadian government have no authority to do what they want? Of course they do. They always helping U.S. because they are friend countries, also both of them are in U.N., helping each other is necessary between country・s relationship. However, we need to consider about the benefits and disadvantage if Canada become part of U.S.A.

From one point of the view, if Canada become part of U.S.,

and U.S.・s economy will just like step on the air, getting better and higher. Canada and U.S. are two main export and import countries in the western world; no matter on economy, technology, natural sources or international commerce with other countries, Canada and U.S.

always earn a lot of money from those points. Another benefit for Canada should be part of U.S. is the social problem. Nowadays, Canadian people, no matters on clothing, car, magazine, food, or even TV program, almost 70% are from U.S.A. The people in Canada are easy to accept the things from other culture. If two of them become one, I think it・s not a big deal for people on both side to accept each other immediately; also the people from both countries all speak the same language, it・s much easy to understand and...

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