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When people look at Canada today, they see an independent nation. But those people have no clue about the difficulties and hardships that this nation has went through to be independent. There are many events that led to this total independence, but the four most important events were Canada's involvement in the Paris Peace Conference, the passing of the Statue Of Westminster, Canada's participation in World War 2 and the repatriation of the Canadian constitution. Canada's remarkable struggle to achieve its current autonomous status has come to be through the occurrence of many pass events in Canadian history.

The Paris Peace Conference was one of the first events that made Canada seem like an independent nation. This was a great stepping-stone towards the total autonomy of the nation. The government leaders met at Versailles, Paris to sign a peace treaty almost 5 years after the assassination in Sarajevo.

32 independent countries were represented. Prime Minister Robert Borden demanded that Canada get its own seat at the conference because Canada had been a great help in the war effort. They had conquered Vimy Ridge in less then 4 days. This was thought to be quite a miracle. But a Canadian soldier stated, "Everything had been planned rehearsed beforehand; each battalion had its own special work, and weeks before, we had studied the ground in front of our trenches from aeroplane photographs" . Arthur Currie definitely knew what he was doing and Vimy Ridge turned out to be the fastest allied victory in the war. Canada also supplied vehicles and artillery. Canada was given 2 seats in the conference. They did not make any decisions though. "The Big Three", United States, France and Britain made all of the decisions. American president Woodrow Wilson suggested a League of Nations to be...

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