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The saying that everything is for sale is completely true. I never really believed it, but now that I saw a video on campaign finance, it's sad to say but its true. The voters elect officials, as we know it. They are elected because the similar viewpoints they share with their voters. They are trusted by the voters to do what's best for them and what is best for the country or state they represent. I do not feel the current system of campaign financing works in the interest of the average Joe American.

In today's political campaigns candidates are being financed by wealthy Americans who then in return are better represented by that congressman. The average American person cannot afford to support their elected officials in such ways that the wealthier can. Average people should not be put on the back burner just because they cannot afford to spend big bucks on financing campaigns.

There are current laws regarding campaign finance, one of these is the disclosure law that makes the elected official or candidate post the names and amounts each contributor gave. There are current limits on how much each contributor may give, but the political parties may give an unlimited amount. A supreme court compared spending and donations toward officials with the amendment of freedom of speech. This can be a major problem because the candidate who is most qualified might not be elected because he doesn't have the financing his opponent does.

The only way I see this problem can be changed is if a cap or limit placed was on funds each official or candidate can spend. This would insure better representation for the people instead of individuals. This would also insure that the best man win rather than the man with the...

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