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Life in the American West was grueling and tough on everyone who attempted to settle in the great frontier. For the men it was not only tough, but also surviving the "Wild West" lifestyle was strenuous. Shoot-outs were as common as computer viruses today. Children also endured many tough times in westward expansion life. Diseases and unbearable weather could take the life of a youngster in an instant. Although men and children had extremely tough times throughout the settlement of the west, it was women that probably endured the toughest times. They were the backbone of the family. While raising a family they tended to the homefront matters as men were off exploring, hunting, or fighting battles. Additionally they also had to understand the intricacies of farm life and even handling a weapon to defend the family against attack when men were not home.

Calamity Jane was a woman who exemplifies the life of a western woman during the expansion of the West.

Born as the eldest child to natives of Ohio, on the 1st of May 1852 in Princeton, Missouri she would become a legend among western woman. Her birth name was Marthy Jane Canary, but before she was twenty she would become know as "Calamity Jane". To say that Calamity had a tough childhood would be an understatement. She seemed to enjoy the outdoors from an early age and riding horses quickly became second nature to her. The ability to ride would take her on traveling shows late in her life where she would dazzle crowds around the country.

In 1865 the family moved west and settled near Virginia City, Montana. Throughout the five-month journey Jane spent much of her time hunting with the men. By the time that the family reached Montana she was regarded not only...

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