C Is For Corpse

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Kinsey Millhone: "C" is for Corpse Kinsey Millhone is the first introduced at Santa Teresa, California's latest murder scene. It her newest case and client: Bobby Callahan. Kinsey is the type of person who would never give up on a case or turn one down. She is a very interesting character and gives the novel an antagonist with not only intelligence but also is fast acting in intense situations.

Kinsey is the type of person who keeps somewhat to herself. She lives by herself in a studio apartment in Santa Teresa, California. She worked as a police officer for 2 years but quit because of how women were treated. In her mid twenties, Kinsey studied to become a private investigator, got her license, and earned her first job with a detective agency a couple of years later. Kinsey works-out at the local gym for almost 7 days a week for about 2 hours, where she eventually met Bobby Callahan and becomes his private investigator.

Also, she isn't really into fashions and usually keeps a change of clothes in the back seat of her old VW Bug indicating that she doesn't care much about worldly possessions. Kinsey doesn't have much free time between work and working out, so for the most part she doesn't go on dates but reacts well around people.

Kinsey is a good "people person". She is not afraid to voice her opinion or criticize anything someone says or does. Kinsey is also the type of person that is good at expressing her ideas for a purpose and stating it correctly. People view Kinsey as a smart well brought up women, but she was brought up on marijuana and cigarettes. When she was a child both of her parents were killed in a horrific car accident and she often thinks about them giving her a somewhat "psychotic" appearance to some people. Although she doesn't value physical possessions, she does value friendships. Her most valued friendship is that of her landlord Henry who looks after her like a father figure. He sometimes even makes dinner for her.

Kinsey is the type of person anyone would like to know. She has interesting stories to tell about recent cases and she is a good friend who always listens to you. She is a hard worker and has solved some very difficult cases. Between her extensive knowledge of problem solving and her knack for staying with the case to the end, she has worked herself through many of not only her clients problems but hers as well .

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