Bush's 2001 Budget Proposal

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President George W. Bush has recently taken over office for Bill Clinton. As a result of this, he had to release a new budget proposal to congress, as all new presidents do. In President George W. Bush's budget proposal, he is trying to reform many areas. These areas are Education, environment, defense, health care, the reduction of the National Debt, and a tax cut. When the reduction of the National Debt is addressed, it is important to look at the math, and find if it really adds up.

EDUCATION: The budget proposal from President Bush is proposing that the department of education get the biggest percentage boost of any agency. President Bush is proposing a $44.6 billion budget for education alone. With this money, he plans to triple the funds for the literacy programs. However, if the Bush administration didn't believe that every American child should have the right to attend a good school, Bush might not have pushed for such a large increase.

The main plan is to restore state control by encouraging the states to set high standards, although, to do this the president had to make the schools accountable for the individual student achievement. The funding will also provide for the improvement in the conditions and atmosphere of the classrooms. Bush's plan is that "no child is left behind," and therefore, the money isn't spent just to say that Bush dealt with the department of education.

With the proposal of President Bush, the people of America will benefit. Education is a priority of most parents; with them wanting to see their children do better then they did and are important in the world. It is also a need that the children of today get a good education, because they are the future leaders of the world and...

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