Brutus V. Antony: Compare the speeches made by Brutus and Antony after Caesar's death. Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare

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Brutus and Antony are both portrayed as above average orators in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, and they both use this skill to achieve there preplanned goals in there speeches. Brutus's goal was to rationalize the assassination of Caesar and to convince the people that Brutus and his fellow conspirators were actually heroes for what they did. On the other hand Antony's goal was to turn the people of Rome against the conspirators and to more brightly illuminate the good things that Caesar did, and in doing so make the people want to seek revenge for there leaders death. Even though Brutus and Antony have separate and completely opposite goals they both use certain tactics to woo the crowd in there favor. They did this by appealing to the crowd, using irony, and by applying the principles of human behavior to the situation.

First Brutus appealed to the crowed by making himself seem no better than the people, and rationalized the assassination by showing that he and his fellow conspirators killed Caesar not for there own gain, but for the greater good of the general public.

We see this in the quote "not that I love Caesar less, but I love Rome more". This utilitarian point of view went over quite well with the people, so well in fact that they tried to give Brutus the crown, but he refused it which later turned out to perhaps not be the best choice. On the flip side of the arguments Antonym appealed to the people of Rome by telling them what they knew all along, that Caesar was a great ruler that he cared about all of them. But he did not just tell the people this, he went a step further and showed the people the will that...

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