The brain in homossexuals

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As I was reading the chapter, I was interested in the part that is said there are differences between the brains of females and males. Researches shows that young girls who have high levels of male hormone like to boys¡¦ boys. Those people have a genetic glandular disorder.

That makes me think of the characteristics that some people I have seen. Those people have the personality that tends to be like the opposite gender. For example, I have seen some people who are girls, but they act like a boy. The clothes they are wearing and hobbies are also like the boys¡¦ style. To boys, their voice sounds like a girl. They like to wear girls¡¦ clothes, and so on.

To me, this kind of people is abnormal. I think they are born with the wrong sex. So I don¡¦t know what cause this problem. Are they the people who have a genetic glandulardisorder? Is there something wrong in their brain? I am wondering if the condition of a genetic glandulardisorder can be treated by a brain operation.

Actually, I¡¦ve never seen anyone who has the disorder contact any medical treatment. It seems that they don¡¦t want to be normal people.

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