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Humanity Exposed Lord of the Flies a story by William Golding places a group of small school boys on a tropical Island. It explores the temptation of power and the importance of democracy.

Their plane has crashed and they are isolated. These kids are only about four years old, and they are terrified. The boys start believing in a beast, which of course isn't there. The children do very little work to help the group. Mostly, the children eat, bathe and hunt. Ralph, the appointed chief and sensible leader tries to establish a democracy on the island at first there is law. But Jack the leader of the choir boys attempts to take over the chief title. Ralph explains to the group that their must be a signal fire lit at all times. When a ship passes the island Ralph is furious because the fire was let out. Which destroys any chance for rescue.

There is much division between the children. Jack and his followers break off from the group and form their own tribe. At this point it is clear that all traces of civilization have vanished.

The children become savages, and cover themselves with war paint. They start performing strange rituals and dances. All these children can think about is killing. They start out with pigs, and chant "kill the pig, cut her throat..." as they march about through the jungle. During one of their savage tribal dances Simon is returning from the forest and is mistaken for the beast. The children surround and beat him to death. Jack and his new tribe create a fort at castle rock towards the east of the island. Ralph and Piggy (a chubby follower of Ralph) travel to castle rock to try and restore order and rules to the island. As...

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