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The title of my story is " The Lottery". The title does fit the story because these people who live in small towns have a tradition, which is called the Lottery.

The author of the story is Shirley Jackson. Shirley Jackson was born December 14 1919.her parents were Leslie and Geraldine Jackson. When Shirley was a child was very interested in literature. She went to college at the University of Syracuse. She attended the literature and English courses. In 1948 Shirley Jackson wrote her greatest success "The Lottery" During the 1950's she wrote 44 short stories. Shirley Jackson is one of the greatest short story writers.

The story takes place in a village on the date of June 27. "The morning of June 27 was clear and sunny, with fresh warmth of a full summer day; the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green.

The story is just time and place.

The protagonist in the story Tessie Hutchinson. In the story they keep talking about her but they really don't describe her. Tessie is struggling not to be picked for the lottery, but also I feel that she is hiding something inside her by the way Shirley Jackson writes. I think she wants to discontinue the lottery because she came late. I think she has mixed feelings about it. I felt that other people thought that she was a person who always had to get it her way because when her husband told her to shut up she started to say he didn't get enough time.

The antagonists in the story are the people in the town. They are antagonists because they didn't stop the lottery. (The lottery is a ritual in June to help the people harvest the crops, so they pick...

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