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August 28 , 2000 re : Bill 101 Mr.Steve Gilchrist , Chair Standing Committee on General Government Room 124 , North Wing , Legislative Building Queen's Park Toronto, Ontario M7A 1T7 Dear Mr Gilchrist , I am writing to you on behalf of the Marathon Rod and Gun Club and their concerns on Bill 101 , the act to promote snowmobile trail sustainability and enhance safety and enforcement . We understand that the act received 1st reading on June 20th and has been referred to your committee for review .

The majority of our members are traditional non-recreational snowmobile users . Many of our members have been actively snowmobiling to their cottage , to their trap-line or to their secret ice-fishing lakes since the early 60ts well before recreational trails were built . Many of these first trails that non-recreational snowmobilers built and kept open , are now part of , or all-inclusive OFSC trails .

In the north , the vast expanse of crown land and network of old roads and traditional trails , non-recreational users have enjoyed the uninterrupted access along small portions of these OFSC trails to access cottage , lakes , and trap-lines . The traditional freedom that non-recreational northern snowmobilers have enjoyed for years , will be lost if all stakeholders are not adequately accommodated . We feel Mr. Spina did not consult with all affected traditional non-recreational users across Ontario on Bill 101 . We would like to suggest that your committee recommend that traditional users be exempted from the need to purchase trail permits .

Yours in Conservation Ted Just President cc:Gord Gallant :R&G executive

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