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Many believe that Nora Helmer is nothing more than a deceiving and mischievous woman because of her inability to reveal the secret that saved her husband's life, but I think otherwise. "But it would have been fatal for him to know! Can't you understand that? He wasn't even to suspect how ill he was. The doctors came to me privately and told me his life was in danger- that nothing could save him but a trip to the south." So, the only thing for Nora to do was to some how some way attain the money for this trip to the south that would save her husband's life. How does she do this you ask? Well, she saved part of the money her husband gives her and she takes out a loan for the rest. Now, during this time period it is required for a woman to get a male relative's signature to take out a loan.

But, the only other male Nora knew of was her father, which was also terminally ill. So, Nora took the only logical course of action, she forged her father's signature. The fact that she put both her and her husband's reputations out on the line was out of selflessness and heartache. Being the hardworking and caring person she is, this sort of deception also gave her the chance to obtain more personal freedom as a woman and a wife of this era. Not telling her husband all about the loan gave her the opportunity to work for the money to pay it back, rather than having her husband pay for it.

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