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No one thinks that birth order would affect the way a child acts or thinks. But, in reality birth order has a lot to do with your child's behavior and some of its thoughts. This paper will give facts about a three child family.

Alfred Alder says the first child takes on the leader complex. This means that they do not want to be a loser at any game, like to feel in control of situations, and would "be the horse instead of the coachman". Kevin Leman says the first child is organized, overprotected, pressured to perform, achievers, conservative, and wanting control. He says there are two types of first borns: Compliant and wanting to please, or strong willed and aggressive. Leman says the first born is the "model child" who grows up to be a pleaser of others. But, the first borns are what Leman calls the "guinea pig".

The parents experiment discipline and other parenting techniques on the first born. First borns have to grow up fast because the parents expect them to act like an adult.

Second or middle child according to Leman are directly influenced by the first born. The middle child may become victim of martyr. They might become a manipulator or a controller. Any number of life styles may show up but they all play off the first born. The general studies show that the second may be the opposite of the first. There are also two kinds of second children: the shy , quiet, impatient, competitive type or the sociable, outgoing, laid back, peace maker type. They feel as though they get no respect. The older get the recognition of being in higher school and achieving more. The youngest is babied and giving everything so the middle child feels left out.

The baby...

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