A biography of the life of Frederick Douglass and James Baldwin. This paper will compare and contrast the different experiences of two separate authors.

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This paper will compare and contrast the different experiences of two separate authors during the nineteenth and twentieth century in America. The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass relates events that happened to him in the 19th century and how he overcame them. Douglass went from a life of slavery, to freedom and became a speaker and writer on the evils men commit against each other. James Baldwin the author of The Fire Next Time, shows changes and struggles that occurred over one hundred years after the Emancipation Proclamation declared Negroes free American Citizens. Baldwin cannot understand why in a country characterized worldwide with freedom are white and black only color signs displayed? (54-55). However, there are two sides for the reasons of the social breakdown of unity among people in United States.

Douglass became a prominent world renowned speaker and writer on the abolition of slavery.

His speeches mainly focused on his first hand experiences as a southern slave. He used Reverend Rigby Hopkins as an example to show the brutal treatment given by some religious leaders in the south, who invented reasons to apply the whip to some slaves on Monday (Douglass, 47). Slave owners were impressed with the reputation of Mr. Covey as a "well trained-negro breaker and slave-driver" after one year a slave would be returned to his owner fit for duty (Douglass, 34,45,46). The audience was also engaged by his sense of humor, when he told about breaking the slave breaker Edward Covey (Douglass, 42-43). However, not all slave owners were brutal Mr. Freeland was the best master Douglass had until he became his own master (Douglass, 49 ). Douglass had enough to eat and time to eat it unlike the year he spent with Mr.

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