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Mahatma Gandhi was one of the political leaders of the 1900s. He helped free India from British control but he used no weapons and absolutely no violence. He is honored by the people of India as the father of their nation. Gandhi was not muscular but what he lacked physical he made up with mental strength. He was assassinated by an Indian who resented his beliefs but before death he achieved his goal of getting India its independence.

Gandhi, or The Great Soul, lived his life by searching for the truth. He believed the truth could be known only through tolerance and concern for others and you finding the right way took constant testing. He learned how to overcome fear and helped others overcome fear also. He was a firm believer in nonviolence and he also believed that in order to truly be nonviolent you had to have courage. He lived a simple life even though he had the money to live a very comfortable life.

He didn't believe in killing animals for clothing, food, and such. Gandhi created a method called Satyagraha. In this method he said the way people behave was more important than what they achieve. This method is what Gandhi used to fight for India's independence.

Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, India. His parents belonged to the merchant caste. At the age of 13, he married Kasturba and like most Hindu weddings it was arranged. They had four children and Gandhi studied law in London. He returned to India to practice law but he was unsuccessful. In 1893, Gandhi went to South Africa to do some legal work. South Africa was under British rule and he claimed his rights as a British subject but he was abused for this. During his first...

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