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"Changing is good"everyone says, but what happens when you're not ready at all for these changes ? What happens when your just in the middle of happiness when all of a sudden they force you to change not once but many different times your closest friends, style, customs, culture, school, family and even your language. It's an experience I've had to go through and hated since I have memory.

When I was 4 years old my parents had immigrated into the U.S. because of our economical situation. I have barely any memory of this since I was only 4 years old. All I remember is seeing my moms eyes watery from crying for missing our family that we left in Mexico. As years passed by, our economical situation had gotten much better. During 6 years my parents had built up an excellent home. They had gone from dishwashers to managers at a very important restaurant in Morro Bay Ca.

They gave us a great home to live in surrounded by a family environment. I was in fourth grade and had allot of great friends. Unfortunately my parents had made the decision of moving back to Aguascalientes, Mexico. They had been offered to buy a very well known restaurant there. My dad guided by his feelings of going back home and not by his mind didn't think it twice and said "well take it".

At that moment I felt very happy and anxious to go back home. I didn't know it at the moment but I was very wrong. Once we were in Aguascalientes, Mexico things I began to get very hard for me. It was a very hard change for me. I had to learn how to perfection my Spanish, change all my customs, style, and culture. The hardest change...

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