Bill of rights essay...If you could keep three of your constitutional right which ones would you choose and why?

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Bill of Rights Essay

If aliens from another planet took over the earth and said they will allow us to keep three of our rights I would choose protection from cruel and unusual punishment, protection of your own personal private property, and the right to peacefully assemble.

I would choose protection from cruel and unusual punishment because I wouldn't want the aliens to hurt me or punish me for no reason. I would be afraid of the aliens performing tests on me. I would not want to be scared, if I did something wrong, of them abducting me.

I would also decide on having protection of your own personal private property. I would not want the aliens to destroy my home or take my personal belongings, in fear that I wouldn't have any place to live.

Another right that I would pick to have is the right to peacefully assemble so that everyone could gather and have a discussion about what we are going to do about the aliens and how we are going to get rid of them.

I would choose these three rights because I feel that they would protect me the most from the aliens. I would fear that if I didn't have these rights the aliens could have total control and there would be mass chaos. I hope that aliens never invade the earth and that I never have to choose what rights to have because I need all of the rights in the constitution to protect me from unjust treatment.

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