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Pretty Much every one has heard of the richest man on earth. If you haven't you were probably stranded on secluded island somewhere in Antarctica. For those of you who haven't been could of probably guessed that I am talking about the 47 year old Billionaire and computer genius Bill Gates. He is one of the most influential people of his generation, because of his everlasting dedication to his job. Through this he has forever change our way of life the various software titles and the abundant computer accessories he has designed and that we have become accustom to using in our every day life.

A Childhood 1.On October 28,1955 at Bill Gates was born to his parents Henry Gates and Mary Maxwell. 2.At age 12 Bill Gates Attended Lakeside School for boy's where in 8th grade he first became interested in the first computer he ever used the Tele-Type machine.

3. On this machine Bill Gates designed his first program that allowed him to do simple math equations on the computer and then a short time later he designed his second program, which allowed him to play a simple game of tic-tack-toe. 4. At age 14 he designed a program called Traf-o-Data which recorded traffic patterns for the township to see where to put traffic lights. He made $20,000 with his program 5. Shortly after he bought 5,000 George McGovern campaign buttons for a nickel a peace while attending a School field trip to a Democratic Convention and then later sold them to collectors for about $15 per button.

B Collage 1. In 1973 he gradated Lakeside and left for Harvard and majored in applied math after getting a perfect 800 on the math portion on a state exam.

2. After his second year at Harvard he...

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