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In 7:17-21, Job is asking God why He has done this to him. He asks why man is so wonderful and why God has to focus His attention on man. Then he asks why God is focusing His attention on Job in particular. He wants to know what he has done to deserve what has come upon him. He wants to know why God has made him hate himself so much, and what he has done that was so terrible that God had to bring this terrible thing upon him and why God could not forgive him for whatever he did. He wants God to know that it is so terrible that he might die, which is what he means in the last lines "For I shall lie down in the dust"¦I shall be gone." He wants God to respond to him or to help him or even forgive him before it is too late.

Bildad answers him by telling him that he's crazy. He says that God would never do anything that is unjust, and that God has not done this to him if he is "blameless and upright." God will protect him and make him even greater in the end. He's basically telling him that people get what they deserve, and that if he has really done nothing wrong than he has nothing to worry about. He thinks that Job should trust in God, because only good things will happen to those who trust in God. He thinks man will need God to survive, and those who forget God will not be able to survive, and he uses this example: "He leans on his house- it will not stand; He seizes hold of it, but it will not hold." He says the person who does not believe in God is the man, and the house is God. You need a house to live in, like you need God if you want to live. If you forget God, your house will fall, and you will not be able to live.

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