The Benefits of Networking

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The Benefits of Networking

Today, many up-and-coming companies are abandoning the old "stand alone" computer systems for high-end networking environments, and for good reason. In the work force, time is money. The length and complexity of any specific task within an organization can degrade the overall performance, organizational quality, and efficiency of the company as a whole. Additionally, problems in one area can lead to "kinks" in the chain of operations that eventually carry an impact on other areas. This leads to an overall reduction in productivity, and ultimately, a loss of revenue.

One of the major sources of these "kinks" before the advent of the network environment - and even in many client/server networks - was poor data integrity. When differing versions of the same critical data were scattered throughout an organization's divisions, it became difficult to determine which version was most current. These data flaws could cause any number of complications, from payroll discrepancies to inaccurate projected revenue for the following fiscal year.

It is amazing to think how such a small error could ultimately lead to the eventual bankruptcy of an entire business.

Every day, more efficient means of networking are becoming available, eliminating many of the sources of poor data integrity and unveiling faster means of intra-company communication. Because of this, there is no longer a need for lengthy data comparisons, manual delivery of said data, or time-consuming software updates. Often, all of the client-usable software within a company can be updated from a central server, turning hours of work into minutes.

While there are undoubtedly many more benefits to networking, I must admit that I am not yet privy to them. Perhaps my trek into the world of computer business will enlighten me.

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