Being a Vigilante, what does justice mean in Plato's Terms

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Justice is flawed, the justice I know to be true is the law of impulsive reactionary thought, and one in which all emotion is a trigger for instinctive actions. Raw thoughts and impulses are the most basic and tightly coupled into our existence. Our harshest of instincts are those that ensure our survival. All of "civilization" is nothing but a masquerade to hide our true nature and all that is proper. Regulation of our actions will only influence and alter our fresh and daring minds. Our minds when willing to act upon desires and wishes are only then set truly free; free to interact with all of our environments at will. Be it destruction of another freedom or will, no matter because that is the price of all the circumstances put forward by trying to populate earth in a way, seen best fit by uneasy and caged minds. Is it true that the life of an ignorant is equal to the ones who desire the freedom, and are willing to endure the lashings of their conscience to set forth entropy which will in turn set all humanity back into our primal states of freedom and interaction with our minds and nature around us? All crimes such as murder and rape are a destruction of civil walls and false safeties put forward by an evolutionary process.

An evolutionary process that is only one alteration of reality, when truly there are many more that could have taken us down numerous paths and systems of value.

Justice is weighed heavily upon us every single day from the time we awake to the decisions we are forced to make on a daily basis. I would have the ability to correct the ignorant with the power to set forth what is believed to be true...

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