"Behind Bars" discusses if we should legalize illegal drugs

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Behind Bars

As this nation's drug problems persist, it seems the only solution is putting illegal drug users behind bars. There they will get the treatment they need to live a normal life. Illegal drug offenders should be put in prison because if they are put on the streets it will negatively affect our communities, hurt the economy, and addiction is bad for the mental and physical well being.

Imprisoning drug offenders will prevent them from reaching or influencing children. Drug offenders only want money; they will sell drugs to anyone that can afford it, whether it is someone's grandmother or thirteen year old son. This is the sad reality of the drug world, it does not matter who you are or where you come from, a drug dealer is always close by. Well-off adults may not see them, but dealers will see their children. Kids are amazed by the wealth some drug dealers display, yet children do not understand the consequences of these harmful drugs.

These innocent kids are constantly getting caught up in this horrible drug war, and are ending up in prison or worse. If harmful drug users are not going to jail, they will keep turning to more devastating criminal acts, damaging many peaceful communities.

Drugs are hurting the economy by taking useable tax dollars out of circulation. Drug money is not being invested in banks, therefore this money is lost. The government cannot put these billions of wasted tax dollars to work. For example, money for education, well-fare, and many other civil organizations will not get the needed tax dollars. These stolen tax dollars are being used to buy weapons to fuel the drug economy. By putting drug offenders in prison they will get necessary help that might put an end to making illegal money.

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