How To Become A Responsible Citizen

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Describe the qualities you feel necessary for a person to be a responsible citizen.

There are many qualities I feel necessary for a person to be a responsible citizen. A responsible citizen means to be a caring and giving citizen in your community, nation, and world. Being honest, helpful, cooperative, respectful, patriotic and doing what you believe is right are the qualities that I feel are important.

Honesty is the key to being a good citizen. You should always tell the truth. You should never take things that don't belong to you. You should obey the laws of your country and your rules at home and school. Ethics and strong moral values are also a part of showing your honesty in who you are and what you stand for. Ethics is very important to carry with you. Ethics includes being a responsible individual who takes responsibility for his or her own actions.

Morals are a part of ethics, if you have good morals you are an individual who does positive things. You must be proud of who you are and what you believe in.

Being helpful to others is also a very important trait of a responsible citizen. You should be helpful to your friends, family and neighbors. Never make fun of the less fortunate. Always have a good attitude about everything you set out to do. You should respect your elders, never talk back to them and help them in any way you can. You should take pride in your community and help keep it clean. You should be helpful in school and dedicated to learning and caring about your future. You should set your goals high and try your best to reach them.

Another important trait of a responsible citizen is being cooperative. Cooperation means your willingness to work together as a team. You should always make every effort to be hard working and willing to help at home, school and work. You should obey your parents and teachers no matter what is ask of you.

Respect and patriotism are also important qualities to have. A responsible citizen exercises their right to vote. You should respect your freedom and always be patriotic to your country and it's flag. Always respect the rights and religious beliefs of others. Always do your best and never be a sore looser.

I conclude that by being a responsible citizen I will feel proud of who I am, where I live and what I stand for.

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