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To make your body beautiful!

It was the ancient times when mankind started to decorate body. It has been done for ages

in many different cultures for example tatoos has been already known in ancient Egipt.

At/In many societies body is decorated like it was done many centuries ago. Inhabitants of Sudan or Newzeland\'s people cover their bodys with colorful patterns or beautiful tatoos.

Many African people are famouse for scars on face and entirebody, which can be call ornaments. Warriors who live in Kenia and Tazmania of Masay people covre their hair with strange mixtures to achieve certain hairdress and color.

Egzamples of decorating body do not have to be looked for in egzotic cultures or past ages, what else is make up done by milions of women in western civilisation.

Why do we decorate our body?

There is a few reasons why people decorate their bodys. First of all it is the way of confirming of membership to particular group.

Ihabitants of Arnhema land in the north of Australia during the some of the ceremonies cover their bodys with symbols characterize clan which they come from.

Another thing is some signs and sybmols are supposed to attract opposite sex this kind of persuasion is used by Fulan\'s tribe from Africa.

Decorating body can be also done to satisfy aestethic needs and way of express likings.

In the western world decorating body is connecting with fashion, ethnographs claims that basic reasons that make us tatoo our bodys are the same as those which make people of other cultures tatoo theirs.

Women who do make up follow those trends which are lately on the top to be more attractive or show their own style, it is a kind of artistic expression. In case of western society decorating body does...

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