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In the 1970's hens roamed free over vast country sides and were safely locked into a barn at night. These days, hens do not get to see daylight. They are crammed into small cages about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Sometimes two or three are put inside this tiny space. These hens suffer depression, muscle deffinciencys and abnormal behaviour due to stress.

Battery hens suffer chronic depression from being locked up in a tiny space for their whole 72 weeks of life. They are not alowed to walk, run or stretch their wings. They only live for 72 weeks as they are so mis-treated they can not lay quality eggs or discontinue laying altogeather. They are then slaughtered.

Battery hens also suffer from muscle deffiniency because they can not move at all. Their muscles eventually waste away and their bones become brittle and break causing them an immense amount of pain.

They also show abnormal behaviour because they are prevented from showing natural behaviour like fluffing feathers, perching, flying, social activities, even walking. The tiny spaces they are kept in prevent them from any normal behaviour which causes boredem. Boredem soon forces the battery hens to pluck out most of their feathers and sometimes leads to self mutalation.

I believe that hens should still run free and lay eggs whenever they wish. They should have a right to experience natural behaviour, walk and socialise. They should also all have a right to sunlight which they never experience. All animals are born free and equal, they should stay that way for the rest of their lives.

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