Banning Tobacco Advertising In Lebanon

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According to The Daily Star Lebanon, the Lebanese community consumes approximately 600 million cigarettes annually, spending more than $400 million a year to do so.

Only around $8 million is earned by Lebanese advertisement agencies from Tobacco products, and a ban of tobacco ads would drastically hit their revenues selling power, virility, happiness, liberty and passion. Smoking advertisements are on wide display on Lebanese TVs, in magazines, newspapers and on billboards. Sadly, Lebanon is the only Arab country to allow tobacco advertisements. Since Oct. 25, 1999 tobacco has killed 21,112,831 people around the world and in particularly 3,500 people's in Lebanon. It is consistent with World Bank estimates of a 4% decrease in consumption after a 10% price increase.

To ensure that banning tobacco advertisements save our lives and our money and to stress that it should be a step forward, Dr. Norman Nikro, English Professor, authorized this report on December 23rd.

Purpose and Scope

This study addressed the following question: Does banning tobacco advertising reduce the demand for tobacco products and totally discourage people from smoking? And To what extent does this strategy work? Some sub problems were requested in order to answer the question:

1- Why do Lebanese smoke?

2- To what extent advertisements play a role in people's decisions?

3- Who can ban the tobacco advertisements?

This report seeks to show the effect that banning tobacco advertisement might have on people only. Whether tobacco advertisements are contested by religious leaders and principles is indifferent from our study.


A sample of 35 randomly selected persons was questioned for a survey on January 15 2005. To every person, a cover letter followed by a questionnaire was sent via mail. Almost everybody responded accurately to the questionnaire.

An interview has been held with the Marketing Advisor at...

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