The Australian Outback

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The Australian Outback As the sun rises from its resting place, the land awakens from its darkness of sleep, the animals start to appear from their sleeping holes in the underground the sun casts its rivers of sun light over the land, birds start to flock together and fly over crystal clear rivers reflecting the blue clear skies above which are filled with noise of frogs singing and fish swimming and playing in the ever flowing rivers.

The winds blow over the rolling sand dunes that appear like waves of the oceans that surround the beauties of Australia. Its beaches stretched our as far as the eyes can see, Like the meadows that cover the great countryside or the endless deserts that live throughout the country.

As you look out off the mountains you see the great valley's full of life. The herds of animal that pass through these valleys to reach water holes or feeding grounds of the lush green grasses that exist around these massive water holes.

The ever-flourishing forests that continue to cover our northern landscapes next to the oceans that consist of great barrier reefs with sea creatures and fish living in the peaceful water of Australia.

As the day turn to night a fierce storm starts to build in the dark skies above, winds continue become stronger as the old gum trees sways madly in all direction. Animals start to hurriedly take cover in burrows, nests or under old blown over trees from past storms. The rain starts to fall and the last of the animals take shelter under anything in site, the rain begins to fall harder and thicker as the first strike of lightning can be see in the distance, it is heard by the loud bellowing noise that follows the strike.

As the heart of the storm approaches closer and closer the strikes become more frequent, suddenly there is a very large explosion of light and noise from the near by water hole, one of the trees adjacent to the water hole has been struck by lightning and is now an inferno of flames, the flames start to slowly creep to the mass scrub below and continue on burning throughout the bush engulfing everything in its path.

By morning the storm has past on and there in nothing left of the forest that once existed, the animals have moved on and nature takes its course in the circle of life.

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