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Chapter 11 Problems 1 and 2

a. Target population: households

Sampling Frame: the list of the residential addresses in the Chicago area

b. Target: customers that have a store charge card

Sampling Frame: The store database containing the data of all customers that have the store charge card

c. Target: the households that have a TV at home

Sampling Frame: The computer program that will randomly generate the local phone numbers excluding nonworking and business numbers.

d. Target: a new member of AMA in Atlanta

Sampling Frame: a new member AMA in Atlanta

a. Population: all industrial corporations that use the steel in the production and may need the power press.

Sampling Frame: The list of all manufactures of automobiles, construction equipment and major appliances who may be interested in buying the press.

b. Simple Random Sample: A list of the manufactures could be written on the separate cards and these cards can be drawn out in an unbiased manner.

c. Yes. The sample could be stratified. I thought of at least two kinds of separations of the strata.

First idea is that we could stratified the sample on the base of the industry for example; first strata could be automobile manufacturers, second could be major appliances manufacturers and third the construction equipment manufacturers.

Second idea is that the strata could be divided on the base of the total steel used in the production. First strata would include all manufacturers that use a lot of steel, second that use medium amount and third that use the least.

d. I suppose that cluster sampling could be used if we there was possible to divide the strata into the heterogeneous subgroups. I think that only area sampling ( which is a type of cluster sampling) can be...

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