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When to Call the Organization Doctor


The following paper is a review of the article "When to Call the Organization Doctor" by Robert N. Llewellyn. In this article, Llewellyn provides an outline for defining problems within an organization and offers advice on how to correct these problems. He explains the need to define problems first, in order to prevent the waste of time and money. Using Llewellyn's article as a tool, I will define the problems within Sara's childcare and then be able to apply changes accordingly.

When to Call the Organization Doctor

Robert Llewellyn's article "When to Call the Organization Doctor" explains the framework needed to identify organizational "misfits" (2002). Llewellyn stresses the need to correctly identify the problems within an organization before implementing a plan of action. Two steps must be taken to identify problems. The first is to analyze the state of the organization in relation to each of the eight elements of organizational effectiveness.

The second step involves studying how these eight elements fit with one another. Once problems are identified, the organization must decide the appropriate action to be taken. The organization can accept the problem and create a plan to minimize the negative effects on the organization as a whole. A second option is to use resources within the company to correct the problem, and the third is to hire a third party that is an expert in the area that needs corrected. (Llewellyn, 2002).

In order to identify the "misfits" in Sara's childcare; I will examine each of the eight elements Llewellyn described. The first of these is strategic direction (2002). This is the mission statement or direction that a business wishes to take. Llewellyn states that strategic direction should include products, finances, and people (2002). In Sara's Childcare, the goal...

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