The Art Of Working: Why Should Students Wait Till They Graduate To Explore It?

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If your parents were to give you the same amount of money you work for every week, would you go on working? The answer was yes from 70% of senior high school students who took a poll. It may come as a surprise, but teens would rather work for there money then it just be handed to them, it shows how important young people feel their work to be. While many people may view a teenager holding a part time job threatening to the student's studies, I believe it helps prepare one for the many obstacles in life that one must overcome. Teenagers can benefit in so many when holding a part time job, in social conduct, economic ways and mainly it helps them prepare for the working world, the future.

There are many positive aspects for teenagers that work during high school. Increased social skills are just one of them that benefit teenagers.

There have been many studies conducted on the positive social aspects a teenager acquires while being in the working world. Most of these studies have stated that there is an increase in punctuality, dependability and personal responsibility among teenagers. Also a teenager will acquire more developed social skills that may impact all aspects of life such as school and the ability to develop friendships or get along better with teachers or in every day's social life with friends and the teenager's ability to interact and support their friends. It was found after some research that complex work has beneficial outcomes, increased adult self confidence, self esteem, intellectual flexibility and the involvement in work which lessens anxiety. Also when holding a part time job, students are more likely to have decided on a particular career choice, they have adult work attitudes and habits, a more...

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