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Paul Cézanne, Still life I really liked Cézanne's still life because; it is full of life, like the fruits are just taken from the tree. It is very different from the Holland's still lives. There everything is like a picture, no life just an image. In Cézanne's painting fruits look like every one of them has a soul. When I look at this picture it always make me happy and put smile on my face is so full of life and joy.

Toulouse-Lautrec, At the Moulin-Rouge This picture is one of my favorites, because of the representation of the people in Moulin-Rouge. They have such a strange color faces, but that is because this people are very sad in their souls. The prostates are maybe even bored, this night is like every other one, the clients are the same, and they will know exactly what will happened. They look more like ghosts in a ghost house.

They are bodies without souls, because their souls have been already taken. The mood of the picture is very depressive, but it shows what kind of lives live some of the people that we consider adventures.

Van Gogh This is maybe one of my favorite landscapes. It is so dynamic and lively. It seems like the trees, the grass, and the sun all-incorporate with each other. You can really see how the grass is moving and the sun is glowing. This seems to be a typical summer day, out in the country. The mood that this picture is projecting to the view is full of happiness and maybe relaxation. Everybody likes to take a walk in days like this one, when all the nature is happy.

Munch, The Scream This is very interesting picture, that most of our generation associate with MTV commercial, which...

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