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AresAres , the god of war is also known as Mars to the Romans. Ares was thought of as cruel, rude, crude, violent and aggressive to the Greeks, on the other hand he was admired in Rome. All of the gods did not like Ares, except Aphrodite the goddess of sensual love , who he got caught cheating with Aphrodite. His parents Zeus the king of the gods and Hera goddess of marriage did not appreciate him at all compared to Athena goddess of wisdom and strategy, his opposite. Zeus almost killed Ares by throwing a jagged bolder at his neck. Ares was also almost killed by the twin giants Ephialtes and Otus by getting stuffed into a bronze jar for thirteen months. Luckily he was found by Eriboea the twin giant's step-mom and she told Hermes the god of roads and he let Ares out. Ares was also hurt many times by Athena and Hercules.

Ares had many children such as Aeropus, Alcippe, Deimos, Harmonia, Hippolyta, Phobos, Romulus, and many more. One of his daughters named Alcippe was raped by Halirrothiuss, one of Poseidon's sons. When Ares finds out he kills Halirrothiuss right there and then. Nobody saw the murder so Ares was innocent when Poseidon took him to trial. The gods and goddesses hated Ares so much that they tried to murder him. Zeus even named him the most hateful god on Mount Olympus.

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