ArConsequences of British Victory in Seven Years War

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It is sometimes observed that the roots of future wars lie in the result of past wars. Although the English won this war, the consequences they had to face were immense. The British Empire was left with a huge debt to pay. Britain imposed harsh acts, such as the Sugar and Stamp act, to make the colonist's pay for the debt. Not only did the British feel that they colonies should take part in paying the debt, but they held a feeling of resentment against the colonists due to the their minimal participation in helping with the army, and supplying food and clothing. This ongoing struggle led to increased tension and unrest between the colonies and Britain.

Also after fighting side by side with the British regulars colonials began to imagine breaking free of British rule. The French and Indian war gave George Washington the military experience he would need to lead the Continental Army to victory.

The rivalry between the French and the English led to the Seven Year's War, which led to drastic consequences for both the colonies and the British. The British Empire had a huge debt, and lost their relationship with America while the colonials began to imagine breaking free of British rule.

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