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Part I. Summary Young Afghan, Ahmad Dallah begins to place his books aside and prepare for war. Eighteen-year old Dallah is a student at Zubiria in Pakistan. Studying Arabic grammar, Islamic philosophy and the Quran, Dallah is seemingly deep-rooted in Islamic tradition. Likewise, half of the other students, innate in Islamic practice in Dallah's school have left to join the Taliban.

Like many Muslim fundamentalists, Ahmad Dallah believes Osama Bin Laden did not direct the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Conversely, he blames Israelis, whom he believes wish to destroy Islam. Dallah points to a rumor in Pakistan that 4,000 Israelis employed at the World Trade Center stayed home from work on September 11, 2001. He also insists Americans have no proof against Osama Bin Laden. Thus, Ahmad Dallah recognizes his strong Islamic beliefs will aid him in the fight to defend his country in this war.

Part II. Relating to Anthropology This particular article directly relates to Anthropology in its concepts of culture. Culture is defined as ideas, values, attitudes, material possessions, and behavior patterns as members of a society 1. Likewise, eighteen-year old Ahmad Dallah's culture seems to greatly influence his views, schooling, and standpoint in the war in Afghanistan. Attending Zubiria, an Islamic Fundamentalist academy in Pakistan, exactly correlates with the values in his culture. Dallah's father considers it an honor for his son to attend a fundamentalist academy, exemplifying expected behaviors in their family and culture. Although Dallah mentions that he has never picked up a rifle, he will prepare for war in weeks to come. Thus, Ahmad Dallah's culture influences his most important life decisions.

On the other hand, material possessions are also a concept of culture, and were presented throughout this article. For instance,

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