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At globalization today, a phenomenon that has been much concerned by nations, international institutions and the media has risen for a while, being the anti-globalization movement. Interestingly, anti-globalization that is springing up vigorously within the world range has become a kind of "globalization" in essential but possessing a different substance.

Globalization is one of the hottest questions debated worldwide. From the end of the 20th century to the early of the 21st century, on the one hand the pace of globalization is growing in intensity, on the other hand anti-globalization movement is rolling on with full force. As one of the very first concerns of the recent international publicity, anti- globalization movement has been stressed for a while since its birth in Seattle in 1999, followed by those famous events like in Davos in 2000, Washington in 2000, Quebec city in 2001, Goteborg in 2001 etc. Admittedly, anti-globalization movement, like globalization, has become an inevitable and objective reality in the economic integrity literature that we must research seriously.

Globalization is a concept frequently used by sorts of fields but rarely defined. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has given a general definition for globalization as:

Globalization broadly refers to the explosion of global linkages, the organization of social life on a global scale, and the growth of global consciousness, hence the consolidation of world markets (UNDP official website,

Anti-globalization refers to oppose globalization. It is a kind of pejorative term used to describe the "political stance of opposition to the perceived negative aspects of globalization" (Wikipedia wibesite, Anti-globalization is a part of sustainable development as well, which tends to prefer local economic development, which matches to the value of socialism, the common good, anti-corporate, and anti-capitalism. Those who resist on anti-globalization are usually as the minority of the...

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