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FCA's Spelling, 5 paragraphs, Sentences 30pts____ Collins Format 20pts____ 5 part annual report 50pts____ U scream Ice cream Annual Report A Junior Achievement Company Dear Stockholders, The Company Goals/ Objectives for u scream Ice cream were as follows; " It is the mission of U scream Ice cream to provide ice cream sundaes for the Alvirne High School community by selling a high quality product and providing excellent customer service".

The Business Strategies for the company u scream Ice cream were as follows for production, marketing and human resources. For production we planned to have supplies everyday. Buying them on may 18th; production training was to be held in class that same day. We proposed to run things using a production line. We also planned to sell 250 sundaes by May 25th. Some of the capital resources used were money for stock s to buy supplies for the first day, and use profit for the following days.

We borrowed ice cream scopes from students, and tables and freezers from the cafeteria. Some people donated latex gloves and the first day's toppings. For marketing we planned to sell the sundaes at $ 1.50, and advertise them using posters and flyers. We gave the consumer incentives by showing we had many choices of ice cream and toppings. Human resources were paying our employees. Employees were paid $.40 per working period. President and Vice president made more. 50 stocks were sold at $2.00 each; a person could by no more than 5 stocks.

The Financial condition of our company u scream ice cream was tremendous in a good way. Our net profit before tax was $144.02 and after tax was $113.01. Production cost was planned to be $200.00 but was actually $ 178.98. The cost of wages and salaries projected was $ 45.00 and ended up $46.00 we projected to sell 250 sundaes and sold 286. This means our projected sale, which was $ 375.00, was actually $429.00. 50 stocks were sold at $2.00 each, returning $1.81 back per share. Our company had to pay a 10% tax to Mr. Lane and the cafeteria. We paid Mr. Lane $11.30 and the Cafeteria $10.17.

The Lesson learned was of many. With our plan to have supplies everyday we succeeded. However, we fell short of them one day and on the last day had left over supplies taking away from out profit. Our production training in class was well, however not everyone stuck with the planed production line or gave too much product. There was also a problem with people not showing up for their shifts. Even with these problems we still had a major profit.

Our Financial Statement is a s follows, we projected to sell 250 sundaes at $1.50, In stead we sold 286 at $1.50, with a profit after tax of $ 113.01. Stocks sold were 50 at $2,00 with a return price of $1.81.

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