Animal Farm

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"Animal farm is a work of great political satire." Using examples show whether you agree with the statement.

I agree with this statement because for example: the author is satirising the form of government that Karl Marx invented that is communism with the form of government that invented the Old Major that is "animalism." The political idea of communism is that the people own the government; in animalism all animals own the farm.

Other example is Napoleon, he is representing all the leaders that abuse their power after they reach to the top (napoleon is satirising specially to Stalin). Napoleon was cruel, brutal selfish, corrupt and he killed the animals that opposed to him because he didn't want to loose the power. He start behaving like the enemies that at first he want to beat, in this case to humans. In the real life we can apply this satire to Joseph Stalin: at first he was against the czar, but when reach the power he became like the czar, or to Fidel Castro, fist he was against the "batista" dictatorship, but when he reach the power he became like a dictator.

The pigs representing the politicians are also an example of a political satire. Pigs are ugly, dirty, usually fat, disgusting creatures and almost the same are all the politicians. I can't see a big difference between a pig and a politician.

The horses, donkeys, hens, pigeons, lambs and all the other animals are a satire of the working class submitted to a tyranny under the mask of a communist government.

In conclusion I can say that in Animal Farm, George Orwell describes the events that can occur and had occurred during a revolution (especially Russian revolution) making a satire of humankind and communism using animals as a symbolic representation of society.

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