Ancient egyptian culture

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Ancient Egypt

Egyptians in the ancient times had a very different culture than today's society. In order to understand the culture of ancient Egypt, one must know about their religion, arts, and language. In the ancient times, the people of Egypt believed in many different things that would bewilder most people. Their artists were some of the best ever to live. And their language is still not completely comprehended.

"The religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians were the dominating influence in the development of their culture." The religion consisted of many gods and goddesses, and they believed in life after death. To understand the religion, one should know about the gods and the afterlife.

Ancient Egyptians believed there were many Gods and Goddesses that controlled their life and everything around them. Each city in Egypt worshiped the own deity, or god, as well as all the other deities. Many deities were thought of to have human bodies and animal heads.

The temples of the ancient Egyptians were regarded as the home of a deity or it was dedicated to a dead king. Egyptians prayed at home most of the time because the temple did not offer regular services. The main god was the sun god Re. They relied upon him for good harvest. Amon, the sun god of Thebes, was recognized with Re and they renamed Re --Amon-Re. Their most important goddess was Isis who represented the faithful mother and wife. Osiris, Isis' husband and brother, was the ruler of vegetation and the dead. The god of the sky, Horus, was the son of Isis and Osiris. People called him the lord of heaven and pictured him with the head of a falcon. The gods played a significant role in the afterlife.

During life the Egyptians prepared for the...

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